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Cooking: classes, volunteering and sharing.

29 Oct

A number of months ago I was looking for classes on nutrition in the area and came across a program list on the website for the Cancer Project. It’s a no-cost, 8 week program focusing on nutrition for cancer patients as well as prevention. It’s vegan too! And I’ve signed up for it. I’m quite excited…

And, just today, a friend pointed me to another interesting thing happening in Berkeley. Karma Kitchen, is a once-a-week event where food is prepared and served by volunteers and is completely free of charge. I’m thinking about volunteering, though may attend once first.

I am curious to see what other, interesting food related things are going on around here. I had heard about Food Not Bombs a while ago and later heard that there had been some problems with the chapter in San Francisco. I’ve yet to see evidence of it in the city but the SFFNB website does look active and up to date. There’s also some interesting information about FNF on wikipedia. Must check out.


Don’t blame it on the food, blame it on the chef!

24 Oct

Though I am not strictly vegan, I certainly tend to cook only vegan meals at home. I also don’t generally have relationships with people that are vegan, or even vegetarian. So, cooking for two or more can certainly be a challenge – not without the occasional sigh or disappointed pout.

I am currently in a a relationship with an amazing person and though he is not vegetarian or vegan and does enjoy his processed foodstuffs (for now!!!) he is quite a good cook and has an appreciation for good food.  At first, he was decidedly wary about what kinds of ‘vegan food’ I might make him eat. He’d lived with vegans in the past that made “awful  shit”. So naturally, he wasn’t expecting the food to be very good.

The following recipes have resulted in various swears and obscenities mainly because “It’s not supposed to taste good! It’s VEGAN!” I hope you will find them tasty and useful and if we’re lucky you can freak out some meat-eaters too!

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Local Food Spotlight: Cowgirl Creamery

10 Oct

Cowgirl Creamery is located north of the Golden Gate Bridge in Point Reyes Station, CA. They make some of the best cheese I’ve ever eaten and have won a number of awards around the United States and in Canada. Their cheese is made with organic, GMO free, vegetarian rennet and organic Straus Family Creamery milk.

My recommendation: try the Mt. Tam cheese!

I’m officially a food geek..

9 Oct

I just got all fluttery and happy because I received an email from food historian, Ivan Day, and the host of Deconstructing Dinner, Jon Steinman, on the same day.


Cubans have a longer life expectancy than Americans…

9 Oct


Plants can talk! Well, sort of..

8 Oct

I came across this article about plants that can transmit certain kinds of information underground with others of the same type. Just thought it was interesting…

Clever Plants ‘Chat’ Over Their Own Network

Meeting of the Culinary Historians of Northern California

8 Oct

Thursday, 11 October 2007
Time: 5:15 – 6:45 pm

Location: Magnes Museum (2911 Russell St. in Berkeley)
Speaker: Thy Tran, food writer and chef/instructor
Topic: “Sikh Temples and Communal Meals: Religion, Politics and Potluck in California’s Central Valley”
Unless otherwise noted, all CHoNC meetings are free and open to the public.