Starting a garden…

1 Oct

I’m going to be moving soon. My current apartment, as well as the new one, doesn’t really have a space outdoors where I can grow vegetables. The new place has a small deck so there’s definately room for some pots and I’ve decided to grow some herbs. I’m going to concentrate on just a few plants, some things that I love, and some things that are somewhat difficult to find:

  • coriander / cilantro – I adore cilantro. that’s really all there is to it
  • basil – I’ve had mixed feelings about this herb for a while. sometimes I get annoyed with pesto (I’m quite picky about it) which is maybe why I’ve ignored basil for so long. But I love it when it’s fresh, and recently found some organic bunches from Two Dog Farm at my favorite farmers’ market and they still had the roots! I’ve got it sitting in some water right now and I hope it sprouts some new roots!
  • shiso – I always love when shiso leaves are used in sushi. its got an amazing, minty, peppery flavor and I’d love to experiment with this herb!
  • curry – this would just be awesome.
  • chives – it’s good for keeping insects away from the other herbs and also very tasty…

*EDIT: argh! Rosemary! Beebalm! Flax! Mustard! I want to grow these too. Also I thinking about getting some space in a community garden. I’d love to grow potatoes and delicata squash!

I’ll give updates as I have them. Wish me luck!


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