The start of a new recipe…

5 Oct

Since I am currently in the process of moving and have been splitting my time between two places, I haven’t really been keeping too much food in either place. I can’t wait to have the move done with though as the stability will really allow me to dive back into cooking. So, hungry for a late lunch, I realised I only had 5 major ingredients with which I could make something edible.

  1. cornmeal
  2. dried navy beans
  3. cooked delicata squash
  4. fresh basil
  5. whole wheat pancake mix


So I took about 20 of the basil leaves and julienned them, approximately half the squash and smashed the meat up with a fork and added both to a large bowl. I then added about 3/4 cup of the pancake mix and added some salt and enough water to make sort of a thick, fritter batter. I fried the fritters until golden brown and ate them with some hot sauce. They were awesome! Though looking back I wish I had added some of the cornmeal to this mixture. I think that perhaps adding some pieces of corn might be a bit much (as with the more traditional corn fritters) and could overpower the delicate taste of the squash as well as change the creamy texture quite a bit. Adding cornmeal might give it another, more suitable layer of texture and flavor. I intend to mess with this combination until I come up with something that I can consider a solid recipe.

I suggest trying it for yourself though. It was super yummy!


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