So much for being mindful…

16 Nov

The morning of November 7th was one of the foggiest that I have ever encountered. I went to work, as usual, and later that day heard that a cargo ship had struck one of the support towers of the Bay Bridge. And, even worse, it had a 70-90 foot gash in the side that had caused a fuel spill. The captain was able to eventually stop the spill by routing the ship’s oil to another compartment. For some reason, after hearing this, I didn’t really expect the spill to be very large or something very difficult to deal with. There are many ways to contain oil but of course those things require quick action, preparedness, good information and without a doubt – less fog. I didn’t really pay much attention to the whole thing for a few days. But information was slowly reaching me. Videos, stories and discussions were continuing. Oil on Ocean Beach? Point Reyes? Animals covered in oil?

I decided to look into volunteering for the clean-up effort. Naturally, the only training session was happening on a night that I was unavailable. Though I’m happy to know that so many people were volunteering that many had to be turned away.

This leads me to think about that cargo ship and what might have been on it. We are now so dependent on not only oil, but the products that are manufactured overseas for our pleasure and our convenience. I wonder if we will get to a point when we stop to think about how our own lives and habits feed the fire before we look for someone else to blame.

Video of oil on Ocean Beach

NPR: San Francisco Bay Oil Spill Investigated

Sessions offer oil cleanup volunteers the scoop about goop

Senators blast Coast Guard response to bay oil spill


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