VERY Interesting…

6 Mar

I just learned that Ralph Nader has not only announced his run for the presidency again but it seems as though his running mate is none other than Matt Gonzalez, former member of the San Francisco Board of Supervisors who ran as Green Party candidate during the 2003 mayoral race against Gavin Newsom. The race was very close as Gonzalez got 47% of the vote no doubt from the huge grassroots campaign that seemed to explode all over the city at the time. Gonzalez later said that he had no intention of running for mayor again, and went along his merry way. I am both surprised (and somehow not) and pleased to see him in politics again. I think it is pretty brave of Nader to join the race again with Hillary and Obama running around the country, and let’s face it, it’s not likely that he would win. But as a member of the Green Party, I am glad to see another Green candidate. But most of all I am curious to see what Matt Gonzalez does next.

Photo of the remnants of a Matt Gonzalez for Mayor house party fundraiser.



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