California and Water

15 Jul

I’ve been thinking about water a lot lately with the drought and all of the fires that are still burning around the state as I type. I am not the only one thinking about this, of course, and there’s a great, locally produced 30 minute program about the future of water in California:
State of Thirst: California’s Water Future
“Are we in danger of running out of water? California’s population is growing by 600,000 people a year, but much of the state receives as much annual rainfall as Morocco. With fish populations crashing, global warming, and the demands of the country’s largest agricultural industry, the pressures on our water supply are increasing.”


One Response to “California and Water”

  1. Veronique July 16, 2008 at 3:04 am #

    We prefer to buy local organic produce if possible, local conventional if not, and nonlocal organic third. We have to go into that last category a lot, because the season for local produce up here is short. And for that third category, we depend heavily on organic agriculture in California.

    I’ve been reading about water problems in the West, including California, for years, and it’s not getting better.

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