Talk Like a Pirate, Walk Like a Human Being

18 Sep

Tomorrow is International Talk Like a Pirate Day. It’s difficult for me to express just how much this day bothers me. But before I get into any detail, let me be clear that it is not just this day that annoys me, it’s really Flash Mobs that get me going. To me, Talk Like a Pirate Day is just a regularly scheduled flash mob.

Now, you might be asking yourself “What on earth is her problem? What could she possibly find so wrong with this that she feels the need to write about it?” Well, that is a very good question.

It is not that I have any problems with people getting together and having fun and being silly. I am all for it! But I’ve noticed that it often seems easier to get people together to just have fun and be silly than to build awareness or do something for the greater good.

My suggestion? Collect a dime every time you hear someone say “AARRRRGH” or “Aye” tomorrow and give it to your favorite charity. Or have Pirates for Peace! or something like that. Yes, I know, this is a bit of a rant. But I feel like there’s a valid point behind it.

In order for our world to really change, I firmly believe that we need to incorporate different ways of living and thinking into our every day lives. Sure! Go ahead and have fun, but do something good for the world too.

And yes, I know, this is totally possible. It has to start somewhere. Maybe I’ll do something about it. Activist Pirate t-shirt with proceeds going to an ocean clean up effort? Maybe! Check back next year!


2 Responses to “Talk Like a Pirate, Walk Like a Human Being”

  1. Veronique September 19, 2008 at 7:28 am #

    Now I’m feeling guilty for talking like I pirate!

  2. Blue September 19, 2008 at 2:08 pm #

    Well, we’re really talking about one little silly day during which people are talking like a pirate while working…some of whom are talking like a pirate at their non-profits or bake sales for local schools or while watching An Inconvenient Truth. And really, that’s just not enough.

    What about sporting events? Sure some of them have a few charitable donations here and there. You have to love the Jimmy Fund and all, but there are 162 baseball games in a season, for each team with 15k-45k attendees per game. Much better than some anemic little flash mob. How about 1 penny for each of those $8 beers goes to charity? How about a nickel for every “A-Rod Sucks” t-shirt worn to a Sox game?

    And what about golf courses? Seriously, we could use the space for homeless shelters. Oy…don’t get me started on golf.

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