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Spotlight: Ferry Plaza Farmers’ Market: A Photo Story

9 May

Though the farmers’ market I usually shop at is the Heart of the City, I stop by the Ferry Plaza a few times a year. This is not so much for the produce, as I find that the fruit and vegetables at the Heart of the City are quite fabulous and much less expensive, but for the items that are harder to find, The Ferry Plaza Market is great!

Since today was such a lovely San Francisco day, I decided to head out early to see if I could get to some of the market goodies that tend to vanish before 10am, beat the lunch crowd and take some photos.

I am also starting to keep a list of the farms that I learn about and how far they are from San Francisco. To see a map of North California farms that travel to or sell in San Francisco markets click here: Northern California Farms Chico, California

Massa Organics

Massa Organics

I have been a fan of Massa Organics since I first encountered them. They are one of the few grain producers in the area (currently brown rice and red wheat berries) and their almonds are wonderful too! You can even follow them on twitter now @MassaOrganics and get updates direct from the tractor. Which, if you are an agro-nerd like me, will make you giddy. But maybe that is just me. ..

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Getting local food, locally. Part I. Cafe Divine

7 May

I’ve been seeking out local restaurants that provide information about using local, seasonal produce. I hope that one day I will have a long list of restaurants to recommend, but for the time being. I intend to mention establishments as I have the opportunity to experience them.

Cafe Divine – North Beach, San Francisco

According to the Cafe Divine menu: “We Support Small Farmers And Use Sustainable Products Whenever Possible.” Situated at the corner of Washington Park in North Beach, Cafe Divine has big windows and a comfy, somewhat artsy, coffee shop feel. The service is pretty good (but not great) but the food is very good and fresh and a decent price. I was a bit disappointed the first time I ate at this restaurant. I believe we had brunch, something like an omelet with a fruit bowl. It was in the winter; the time of apples, pears and oranges in the bay area, but my fruit bowl was still full of out-of-season melon balls – even though the display case was full of the season fruit I mentioned.  It’s also a bit sad that they don’t feel confident enough to proudly advertise their support of local agriculture on their website (it’s only on a scan of their menu) but at least they do mention it.

May Food Events

1 May

Below are events that I find both interesting as well as likely to attend!

Urban Farming Basics: Grow Your Own Food Session 1 May 2nd 2-5pm:

Urban Farming Basics: Grow Your Own Food Session 2 May 9th 2-6pm:

Michael Pollan: Deep Agriculture May 5th 7pm:

Tomales Bay Oyster Company &
Straus Organic Dairy 5/14, 7/16, 8/20: