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Update: California Green

6 Aug

Here are some interesting stories I’ve collected over the past few months about California and the San Francisco Bay Area. Thanks to Green Daily!

Fresno-Yosemite International Leads Green Airport Movement

San Fran tests new parking technology to decrease traffic, emissions Visit SFpark website!

San Jose, CA’s Green Vision

San Francisco’s New Solar Program

Mayor Newsom trying to make S.F. recycle

San Francisco’s First Grease-To-Biodiesel Facility

Conservationists win battle on key California land


Is “green” a religion?

13 Jun

By my good friend over at the Lighting Fires blog:

“Is green a religion? Umm, well, not totally. Actually, no, not at all. It’s what a religion SHOULD be.  Let me explain. ”


SPOTLIGHT: Rothbury Festival

16 Feb

ROTHBURY is dedicated to throwing a HUGE party… with a purpose. This July 4th weekend, ROTHBURY emerges as a new American celebration where music and cause join together to stir ideas, to awaken possibilities, and to empower through knowledge. And yeah, to have the time of our lives.

Our theme is Finding Energy Independence. ROTHBURY is guided by a bold environmental sustainability mission. Dedicated to running as close to a zero-waste event as possible, we have implemented the following initiatives, and continue to add to this list…

A Sustainable Camping Festival Celebrating Music, Art and Action | July 3-6, 2008 | Rothbury, MI