Purkle Stars?

Well, I’ve been teaching myself to be a very good cook. At least, that is my goal. I prefer to cook *vegan, from scratch and with local ingredients. My boyfriend is not vegan and has had bad experiences in the past with “crappy” vegan food. It is my goal to make dishes that are seasonal, healthy and tasty and not necessarily a “vegan version” of some other dish that will obviously taste utterly different than the original. We thought it would be fun to have some sort of rating system – and my boyfriend likes purple! So he will give each recipe a Purkle Star rating.

Apparently a rating of 3 stars or more is good enough to eat again…

NEW: I am now using Purkle Stars to rate local restaurants. Check out the Purkle Stars category to see recipes and reviews on this blog.

*Not all of the recipes on this blog are vegan.

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